Welcomeee !

Assalamu alaikum ✨

My name is Nusaybah and it’s great to have you here !

I’m an avid reader, book reviewer, writer, poet, editor, mental health advocate , personal development enthusiast & serial volunteer.

I’m the founder of an NGO called Mind Conditions Initiative that raises awareness on mental health for Muslims & two online communities , Muslim Writers International & LFJ Tribe that’s for writing and personal development respectively. I’m also the booklover behind The Muslim Bibliophile, a platform dedicated to promoting deen books, Islamic fiction and nonfiction books, Muslim publishers etc. with the aim of improving the reading culture of Muslims through book reviews, literary conversations and humor through memes.

I’m also a life coach and NLP practitioner over here so be sure to check me out! 🙂

This is my personal space where I write about faith,dunya, personal development , books and mental health.

I hope you learn, unlearn and relearn from my words.😄

Lots of love,