Mismatched Priorities -A Short Story


Salaam alaykum :), this is the 2nd draft of the story so please pardon the mistakes(if any).

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CRITICISM is appreciated, let it be constructive, yeah ?

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons is purely coincidental.

steal my story & I get your good deeds, deal ?


“And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. music, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Quran) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-fire).” Suratul Luqman V 6

4:15pm, the clock glared at me.
I hadn’t prayed Zuhr & it was time for Asr.
“Don’t you think you should go pray ? There’s a mosque a few blocks away.”
“No, you’re here already, just hear the song one last time”
“But you’ll be here for how long ? 10minutes won’t make a difference.”
“Please you came for the music, not to pray”
“So, music is more important ?”
“erm… yes ,it is”
“So you love shaytan more than you love Allah? When all he wants is for you to end up like him in Hell? ”
“And music is haram, Allah hates it”
“What about the Quran?”
“Have you memorized 114 surahs?”
“A heart with music can’t accommodate the Quran”
“You hypocrite”
“You claim to believe in Allah yet you listen to music and sing the haram of its entirety ”
“Do you not know that you’ll carry the sins for everyone who ever listens to it?”
“You don’t ?”
“You don’t ??”
I managed to shut the voices in my head when Daniel asked” Are you even listening to it? ”
I smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, my mind was somewhere else”
I looked at my friends Daniel & Segun who seemed to be lost in the music. Even the producer was bobbing his head to the beats.
I sighed. I couldn’t disappoint them. And the money I had paid, I couldn’t lose that.
“Guys, what time are we dropping it ?” the producer asked
” 9.00pm sounds fine. A lot of people will be online then”
Do you not know you are carrying the sins of everyone who ever listens to it ?”
The st
atement rang in my head but I ignored it.
“Okay then, let’s go back to school , Ali you know you need to get to school before your driver gets there” Segun said .
I panicked when I remembered that it was my mum and not the driver that was coming to pick me .
We walked out in silence & a cab pulled up in front of us.
“Campus?” Daniel asked the cab man.
“200 naira” the cab man replied
I had a pit in my stomach as we entered the cab. I felt uneasy.
I glanced at the time on my watch, 5:00pm
Won’t you pray?” The annoying voice in my head asked.
I sighed in frustration. Why was life so hard ?
As I looked up, I saw a car coming towards us. I shouted at the cab man to stop but it was too late.
A loud crash. Then silence.
I looked at Daniel and Segun who were badly hurt, they were moving their lips. Trying to hear what they were saying, I strained my ears. They were singing.
I looked at the driver. Blood was oozing out of his head. He was no doubt dead.
Then the voice asked ” what if you die now? What will you do?”
Only it was no longer annoying, I finally listened.
The realization hit me like a block of bricks and I found my mouth moving.
Then everything went black.


5 thoughts on “Mismatched Priorities -A Short Story

  1. Assalamun Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakhathu…may ALLAH make our deaths an easy one..and help us to utter the shahada..LA ILLAHA ILLAH ALLAH..MUHAMMADAN ROSULULLAH..(Sallahu Alaihi Wasallam)..Ameen

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Astagfirulah! May Allah be our guide. The story is awesome. It a worthwhile reminder.
    The writer has done a nice job. Barkalahfih. May Allah make it easy for you to continue on this path with His rahma. I want to read more of this.

    Liked by 1 person

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