Defining A Terrorist

Assalamu alaikum ☺️ This poem describes exactly what I think 👌🏾


“Allahu Akbar ”

is the famous phrase they shout .

“God is the greatest ”
as they commit their heinous acts.

As a Muslim, I’d like to correct the misconceptions .
But before I begin, i say ,
‘Salam alaykum’ meaning ‘peace upon you’

The creator says in His Holy book,
‘To kill someone is like to kill the whole of mankind’

My Prophet said , ” during wars,
do not kill the children
do not kill the elderly
do not burn down the trees
do not kill the animals
do not burn down places of worship
do not kill the women .

All these ethics of war ,
as a Muslim you’re supposed to follow.

The number of heads rolling a day,
has left my mind whirling.
The massacres have left
my heart bleeding .

But something to know is that the people
who perpetrate the evils
could not in any way represent Islam or the Muslims.

How then do you define a terrorist ?


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