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The Muslim Girl by Umm Zakiyyah


I took the pictures myself 🙈. I was inspired by Zaynab Quadri @zaynabtyty on Twitter .

I love reading books 💗💜😋💞👍🎀

This is a review of one of my favourite books .

This is a work of fiction 👌

Here’s a sneak peek 👀👀👇👇

Lazy people work the hardest. It was something Inaya had heard many times, mostly as a joke amongst her mother’s friends, but it wasn’t until Saturday morning that Inaya understood it for the first time.

Inaya was in the middle of teaching a lesson to the children about the traits of the people of paradise when the realization came to her. Anyone who insisted on living a life of sin had to work very hard to avoid the simpler option: submitting to God.

At the beginning of the academic year, Inaya had decided to hide her Islam at school, imagining it would make her life easier.

But it had brought her nothing but headache and hardship.

Maintaining the charade of “normalcy”was more painstaking than simple dealing with whatever challenges would come along with being openly muslim, Inaya realized. It was tiring wearing one face at school and another at home – and another in her heart.


When Inaya emerged, Veronica was momentarily distracted by the gasps if surprise she heard around her, and her heart raced sensing something was wrong. Then she lifted her gaze towards the stage to see what was causing the confusion…

Inaya made it a point to avoid Mrs. Ford’s gaze as she took confident strides towards the podium. But she knew that the faculty adviser to BOSS would be staring at her dumbfounded because before this moment Mrs. Ford had no idea that she was muslim.

“Then they can see for themselves who’s really superior”

These were the words that ignited in Inaya a flame of spiritual pride and determination that inspired her to stand before the entire school-and perhaps the world-wearing the very clothes she had tucked away in shame just hours before.


There was a roar of applause as Inaya stepped away from the podium. As she walked backstage again, she ignored Mrs. Ford whose expression of scorn was so pronounced that Inaya could almost taste the woman’s disgust.

Inaya pulled open the auditorium door and the noise level rose, and she suddenly found herself swarmed by reporters, administrators and friends.

“It appeared there was a misunderstanding ,a news anchor said speaking into a video camera,
“earlier reports suggest that the school reserved its most distinguished award and scholarship for only Christian students. But as we saw tonight, both of these awards were given to Inaya Donald, a Muslim girl whom we are told enrolled in the school earlier this year after living in Saudi Arabia…”


Looking back, I think I know what my mistake was. I thought being a good muslim meant you didn’t do anything wrong, at least not on purpose.

But now, I know, if you are human, you’re going to make mistakes.

You’re going to do wrong- sometimes on purpose.

And you’re going to get confused and weak.

But what is most important is, no matter how crazy life gets,

nothing makes you lose faith all together,

because that means losing everything.

And even if things get so bad that all you have is your emaan -that seed of faith that keeps you muslim, that’s something.

In fact, it’s more than something. It’s what makes all the difference…

In this world and the hereafter.


This book is so amazing Ma Sha Allah 👌💯

I honestly understand Inaya because I went through something similar .
That’s why this is one of my favorite books 😊😊✔️

Muslim Girl highlights the struggle of an American Muslim, Inaya Donald as she tries to balance her religion with wanting to fit in and be considered ‘normal’ by peers in her new school.

Don’t we all ❓

The book shows that no one is perfect & we all have bad days even the faith-driven hijabis have internal conflicts regarding how to dress and behave in certain circumstances.

Every body should be able to relate to this 👌

The author shows that Islam isn’t just about wearing the hijab and calling ourselves “Muslims”.

Ever heard of religious outside but not inside ❓

It is about what we believe in and what is in our hearts.

With actions of course 💯

Umm Zakiyyah also shows that just because one wears hijab doesn’t mean she is better than the sister who doesn’t.

I, myself just realized this too .

I recently saw a niqabi sister on Twitter with Justin Bieber .

I mean, the picture could have been photoshopped .

But then, you get my point ?

The book also shows and opens the reader’s eyes to the judgements Muslims pass on each other and how it can affect relationships.

Oh my Allah !!!! 👍👍

Why do we do this ❓

“Her hijab isn’t long enough, I’m not talking to her . She’s probably not very religious ”

“Why doesn’t he have a beard ? He isn’t following the Sunnah ”

The sister probably has some issues going on & the brother might be naturally beardless . Come on, 70,000 excuses ?
I learnt a lot from this book & would gladly recommend it to anyone looking 👀 for a good book to read 👌💯

We need more Islamic writers for the youths who are reading what they shouldn’t be reading *coughs*
For more books by Umm Zakiyyah , visit her website


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