Not My Kind Of Peace😌😌

Asalaamun alaykum 😊

This poem is by the beautifully talented 😍 Raqeebah Buhari , one of my very good friends πŸ’œπŸ’ž

Enjoy πŸ˜„

A bomb today another tomorrow
Caused by evil minds that are ever so shallow
Poisoned by demagogues with persuasive voices
Who silence the right to make right choices
Justifying the wrong with sickening interpretations
Built solely on ridiculous innovations
Suicide is not being a martyr
There’s no justification for wearing such an attire
Suicide belts, bloodshot eyes and a murderer’s expression
Materials needed to cause others depression
Motivated by absurd promises of paradise
Until death reveals the truth of bizarre lies
Snatched away from children is their innocence
When at the fore-front of unstoppable violence
Blood and heads without bodies are no longer strange
As gradually their mentality starts to change

Countries desperately try to hang on to their safety
By joining in coalitions and entering into a common treaty.
Fleeing their homes now turned a war zone
Are asylum seekers desperate for any help that can be shown
Self destruction is all the leader bigots preach
But fail to apply to themselves what they actually teach
In radicalization the training is thorough
To perpetuate unthinkable acts of horror
Breaking news about new attacks is all I seem to hear
And in me grows a new kind of fear
Not just of my dwindling protection
But of possible discrimination
My faith condemns torture, hate and violence
As my heart aches for all those suffering in silence
I pray to my Lord to keep our hearts at ease
So we can all once again live in peace



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