Asalamun alaykum warahmatullahiπŸ’–

This is a poem by Haleemah Kasim ☺️


No shame, no sense of modesty

Every virtue has been trodded on

The excuse is “times have changed”

Living lives of hedonists for lustrous fun

Rayna’s legs are for everyone to see

She says she desires to be free

But even the limits of freedom have been trespassed

Abused and distorted to something unknown to me

So after being tried and confirmed unfaithful

She made a bargain with the shaytaan

Never expecting him to prove treacherous

Now she carries on her heart the burden of her many sins

The world is filled with light yet she is engulfed with darkness

Admitting to herself, she has failed this test called life

Raynaa turns to Allah, hoping He’ll grant her another try at this strife.


See the way she walks with humble pride

Because she knows Allah is by her side

She is motivated by the stares she receives

She is strong against the one who deceives

Her fear for Him is what keeps her going

Her faith keeps radiant and glowing

She hates what He hates and loves what He loves

Including the stranger whose hands are clothed in gloves

She cherishes her chastity

And is known as a covered pearl only a few get to see

Her husband says she is defined by beauty

Her home is blessed with tranquility

I look at her from a distance

Hoping I’ll one day call her me.


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